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Gradbase is an Edtech, VC-funded start-up company based in London. We are here to help you make your CV even more competitive and valuable to employers.

If the qualification is issued on the Blockchain, you will receive a QR code to include on your CV or LinkedIn profile. Employers who scan the QR will instantly be shown your true qualification. Because background checks nowadays can take up to one month, you will speed up the recruiting process and get your job more quickly!

Harnessing the power of Blockchain technology for your qualification offers the guarantee that the qualification has never been tampered with, and is therefore authentic.

In order to get one step closer to this goal, on this page you can voluntarily submit your degree details. If we get enough submissions from graduates at your institution, we will contact it to organise the issuance of all the degrees submitted, and possibly more, on the Blockchain via Gradbase.

This means that your data will reside with us for a while, but don't worry, we will not sell or give it to anyone! That's not how we roll. Instead, we will keep it nice and safe for you until we make a decision about whether to pass it on to your institution. In this case, it will be transferred from our database permanently. Otherwise, it is untraceably deleted.

I'm sold! What do I do?

Please include the correct information about your qualification in the form below. Finally, confirm that you give consent to have your qualification stored and processed by us.


  I consent to my data being stored and processed by Gradbase Limited for the strict time necessary to carry on its business activities and terminating with either its deletion or permanent transfer to the corresponding Qualification Provider.